Empire of Souls

soul eater raw
Empire of Souls
Cover art by Oracle of INKed
For Mature audiences

Once a prodigy in a technologically advanced world, he sought to build a tower that reached the endless sky, in search of the truth. It was a means to an end, an end to the mysticism, superstition and belief in gods which he believed had brought ruin to his war torn world. But, in his arrogance, he found much more than he ever dared to imagine…

Having power over life and death and no other recourse, the ‘Soul Eater’ seeks its revenge in a corrupt and decadent world ruled by oppressive gods and their creations.

The Empire of Souls is a grim/dark fantasy novel with LitRPG elements set in a corrupt and decadent world.

Empire of Souls: Volume 1

Empire of Souls: Volume 2


Welcome to another world!

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