Chapter 2

TL: Stat1c

ED: Novo, Keriv136

Three blades of grass about a foot long were in his hand. Despite the grass being crushed somewhat during the panic, the rich green color and clumps of dark soil attached to the roots made the grass seem fresh and delicious.

Staring at the blade of grass for what seemed like forever, Bai Yang felt a sudden wave of exhaustion wash over him.  

Then, treating the grass as though it was a cursed object, he quickly released it from his hand.

“Ghost! Ahhh!”

With a loud scream, Bai Yang stumbled a couple times before he managed to rush to his bedroom. Quickly rummaging through his drawer, he searched for his wallet within the cluttered mess. Snatching his wallet from the drawer, he sprinted outside and slammed the door shut.

In the burning hot weather, Bai Yang ran down the crowded street like he was injected with a shot of steroids. Shirtless, in just shorts, and a single flip flop on, he continued his crazed dash not caring about the weird stares from others



“This generation has no morals…”

“Woah… he has some nice muscles…”

Bai Yang ran down the street attracting the despise of people due to his inappropriate attire and crazed behaviours.

No more than ten minutes later, Bai Yang arrived at the city’s’ public hospital and saw the crowd of people waiting in line for treatment of heat related illnesses. Squeezing through the crowd, and past the lines, he headed straight into the psychiatric department.

In the psychiatric diagnosis room, an old patient… oh no, the old doctor was leisurely sipping on his cold tea while reading about the latest events in the newspaper. Compared to the other departments, the psychiatric area was relatively calmer, and around this time of the year, all kinds of people with snake diseases were popping up, and coming to this small hospital.


The door of the diagnosis room abruptly slammed open, and the sound of the door colliding with the wall scared the doctor almost causing him to rip the newspaper in half.

“Doc help me! I feel sick. At first it was fine and I was eating noodles at home but then, I was in a forest, a forest with mosquitoes as huge as a baby’s fist! Then, there was even a tiger that tried to eat me! But luckily at that point I was suddenly back home again.”

Bai Yang bursted into the diagnosis room breathless and in a panic. His hands tightly grasped onto the doctor’s arm like a drowning person holding onto a branch for dear life.

“Calm down young man, don’t shake me, I-I’m getting dizzy.”

After several minutes, the old doctor was finally able to pacify Bai Yang and get him to take deep breathes. Greatly relieved, the old doctor asked, “Young man, do you have any medical history?”

Bai Yang’s response was a long silence, “…”

Nearly an hour later, Bai Yang managed to finish explaining the situation, and after a dubious series of question and answers, the doc concluded, “Young man, you’re not sick, it was most likely just caused by the hot weather. The heat can make you prone to hallucinations, so it’s best to avoid physical exertion and be mindful of your body. Go back, rest a bit, and make some green bean porridge. You’ll feel better after that.”

“No, doctor, please! You have to believe me, there’s something wrong with me. I’ve reached a boiling point and it has pushed me off the deep end! Look at my shoulder, there’s a mosquito bite, and the wound on my foot is from a thorn in the forest! But if I was just  hallucinating then how would this have happened? Do I have a severe mental illness or split personality causing me to inexplicably go running through the woods and back?” Bai Yang explained anxiously. “Doctor, you shouldn’t lie to me, I’m really sick.”

“Are you the doctor here or am I? If I’m the doctor, then listen to me when I say nothing is wrong with your head and you have no mental illnesses. Nothing of the sorts at all. Do not play…”

“No ah, doctor, can you just check again or at least just give me medicine?”



After bargaining with the doctor, he relented and prescribed some Risperidone pills, in hope that Bai Yang would leave.

Standing at the entrance of the hospital, Bai Yang stared at the prescription in his hands. Still unsure of the truth, he ran to five or six different hospitals, and each time, he received same results, he’s still sane.

Despite all his claims, there’s a huge difference between mental patients and people of sound mind, so when Bai Yang recounted his experiences, the doctors found him bothersome, and brushed it off as a hallucination from heat stroke.

Dragging his exhausted body in the direction of his home, Bai Yang arrived but just stood there in front of his front door. After several deep breathes he had finally built enough courage and opened the door with a push. However, still a little nervous, he peered inside and checked to make sure there there was no danger. Letting out a sigh of relief he entered the house slowly and dropped down onto the couch.

As an experienced person and well educated college graduate, he was no stranger to rumors and legends of mysterious occurrences. However, once those things occurred to him, he found it hard to believe. Besides being insane, he couldn’t think of anything else that could explain the recent events.

However the grass on the coffee table, clumps of dirt on the floor, the missing of flip-flop, and traces of instant noodles prove that it was all real, too real.

Once Bai Yang had accepted this fact, he asked himself, “What the hell is going on? I was on the couch then went to another world…?”

“That for sure was definitely not earth. Our sun is golden, but that sun there was white. It couldn’t be the same… I teleported to another world?”

Despite the initial panic, he now could confirm that he wasn’t ill. Bai Yang forced himself to calm down, and think about that unreal experience.

After much reflection, Bai Yang accepted the evidence at hand and moved onto another line of thought.

“Now… the problem, how do I return to that world? Nothing special happened the first time that would cause me to…”

Bai Yang thought to himself while seated on the sofa. However, before he could finish that thought, he was no longer on the couch.

Looking dumbfoundedly at the flower in front of him, Bai Yang realized he was back. Due to the sitting position he was in before, the lack of a couch caused him to fall onto the ground again. However he didn’t sit there for long as he jumped up howling in pain, because something had pricked his butt.

“I-I can really come back…! Wait… another tiger?! Go back, go back! Go back now!”

It was his second time in another world and he had come across a tiger once again. The tiger charged at him with its sharp claws gouging pieces of dirt, causing Bai Yang’s legs to grow weak and soon he slumped to the floor. Closing his eyes, and he let out a piercing scream before he disappeared.

He was once more in the familiar room. Bai Yang was stunned, because just a second ago he was in a jungle about to be eaten, but now he was sitting on his sofa like nothing had happened.

“Sssss…. Aiyah”

Bai Yang reached towards his butt, and yanked out the object that pierced his precious bottom. Removing the thorn, he poked himself in the arm with it to confirm that this was real life.

The reason humans were able to dominate earth was to due their excellent ability to reason. After going through that twice, Bai Yang was not stupid enough to believe that it was just a hallucination.

“What in the world is this? It’s dangerous…”

Swish… he disappeared from the living room and reappeared with a depressed face. He went on to say, “it looks like it’s controlled with my thoughts, i just have to think, return.”

“…Go back…”

“…just think back, and return.”

Doing it again, Bai Yang disappeared and reappeared again. He looked up towards the ceiling and knew that he had hit the jackpot. He didn’t know how he did it, nor did it matter, all he knew was that he could.

While scratching his head, he stuck two band-aids where the thorns pierced the soles of his feet and butt. He rose with a pep in his step and grabbed the grass while walking over to the computer. Bai Yang spent two hours on the computer going through thousands of pictures of different types of grass, searching for one that matched the one he had.

“No one has ever seen this type of grass before. The sun over there was a different color and it wasn’t even the same size. It really does sound like it may be a different world.”

Bai Yang came to this conclusion after doing a thorough search.

Bai Yang felt excited and fearful at the thought of an unknown world. Who wouldn’t be fearful, it’s like running to your death.

“Both then and now, I appeared in that other world in the same spot I was last and just like last time, there was a tiger waiting for me.”

Although he wanted to see what the world over there was like, there would be a tiger waiting for him, and he didn’t want to be eaten by a tiger. So, how was he going to protect himself and kill the tiger instead?

Bai Yang had no idea that the tiger he was so scared of, was being hung as a tribute instead.

However he was not stupid, when he was thinking back, he thought the tiger looked kind of odd, so he went back a second time without running away and noticed that the tiger had an arrow sticking through one of its eyes and it was dead.

“Its dead? How did it die? An arrow to the head huh? So there must be people around!”

Going down this train of thought, Bai Yang quickly went back to his living room in hopes of not getting caught. If an arrow was shot at him, the consequences would be terrible.

“It’s too dangerous over there. That tiger was bigger than a cow, but the arrow still pierced through the tiger’s head. what kind of power would be needed to make that happen?”

Bai Yang knew very little about the other side, but given what he did know, it could be summed up in one word, Dangerous.

But this only made him even more curious. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, and Humans have a strong desire towards the unknown. Bai Yang was no different, he looked around his house trying to find things that would be useful.

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