Chapter 39

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The country’s policies were decided in a conference between the powerful clans in King Rosaith’s country.

This was known as The Meeting of the Powerful Clans.

Incidentally, there were two types of clans. The first ones were large clans that belonged to feudal lords who ruled over a certain portion of the land. The others were smaller clans that were governed by the larger ones.

Basically, fellow feudal lords were considered equals.

The King ruled over the feudal lords, the feudal lords ruled over the landowners and the landowners ruled over the citizens.

Such is the political system under King Rosaith’s rule, except for the portion of land that is directly under his control.

Since the area directly controlled by King Rosaith isn’t much bigger than a feudal lord’s, it is not possible to have a centralized political structure.

This is the reason why it is such a small country.

“Your Highness! Are you sure that we can leave the newly conquered territory to that unknown and suspicious person from the Ars Family?”

Regale Debell, someone from the most influential clan in the Rosaith Kingdom, exclaims with a loud voice.

“Where is he suspicious? I have known the lad for a few years now. He is a good young man who gives us free honey every time he comes here.”

Incidentally, this rumor is really going around.

People who went in the forest were killed and eaten by the terrible griffon. However, there seems to be a village within the forest which is considered to be a place for special beings. Thus, people concluded the the village chief was surely the griffon’s son. This is the situation.

Nowadays, rumors of him having a tail, fin and wings are quickly spreading.

There are actually two different versions to this story. The first version is that the lad is the child of a girl, who served as a sacrifice, and the griffon, either against the will of the girl or because they had fallen in love. The other version is that the girl was a virgin who got pregnant with the son of God. Her parents, however, cared a lot about societal appearance and abandoned her in the forest. In the end, she was found by the griffon.

The latter is more common.

There is this idea that a child cannot be born when the deed is done with a beast.

However, people can’t go against the fact that a child can be born from God.

After all, there are rumors that the people from the surrounding forest and the former country of King Ferme are Almis Ars’ only citizens.

“From our point of view, he is suspicious. There is a more suitable candidate that that boy.”

“Hm! I don’t know. Lord Bartolo’s territory has increased. Who else is suitable? I don’t know. Perhaps… are you saying that the land should be distributed to the soldiers who participated in the war? However, it seems those people are not educated. That Lord Almis seems to know how to write in the Kirishan language and he also seems to be good in math. I feel like I can leave it to him.”

Almis is able to speak and write the Kirishan language in everyday scenarios as a result of Tetra’s lessons.

There is nothing to say about his mathematics.

In this area, one is intelligent if he is able to do the basic arithmetic operations. Moreover, one receives a lot of job offers if he is also able to read and write Kirishan language in everyday conversations.

Even if the feudal lords here have received the highest education, only 20% of them know both Kirishan language and basic arithmetics, right?

Naturally, Regale is one of those who can’t do both. After all, he comes from a powerful clan in the rural area.

Incidentally, Tetra mastered the Kirishan language at the age of 10.

That does exceed the limitations of a normal human being.

“Lord Almis, Lord Bartolo and Lord Volos participated in this battle. What is wrong with deciding for those who participated in the war?”

The clan members turned their heads upon hearing these words.

Everyone was afraid of King Ferme and none had sent out their armies to fight against him.

Originally, King Ferme had greatly lost the battle due to the use of gunpowder and a weapon that had never existed in this world.

Rather, it would be better to say that they had fought well.

“But he has to make preparations for King Domorgal’s invasion. Even that person will…”

“So you are telling us that you believe more in this boy than those who were scared and captured by King Ferme?”

King Rosaith glared at Regale after hearing these words.

With the King’s gaze fixed on him, Regale winced unintentionally.

“Any other objections?”

No one answers.

“Well then, this concludes the meeting.”

Thus, the Meeting of the Powerful Clans ends.

“Damn that worthless bastard!”

“Now, please calm down, Master Regale. The King has more or less two years left, then the throne will be yours.”

Regale’s confidant, Belmet, spoke.

He is sixty years old.

He does not have a grandchild or, rather, he is not married.

He exists solely to serve the Debell family.

Therefore, he was appointed as Regale’s confidant.

Basically, the vassals that gathered around Regale were mostly all his relatives, but there were others whom had been gathered under Belmet’s recommendations.

Simply put, he exists as Regale’s “pearl of wisdom.”

“Well, I will choose Princess Julia’s fiance.”

“Master Regale, please don’t be careless.”

Belmet advised Regale.

“Whose side are you on?”

Regale asked his confidant with a stunned expression.

“Master, you are the most powerful among the clans. You are clearly the next in line for the throne. Not even the sickly king can stop you, no matter how much he dislikes you. However, if the said boy is able to get the support of the clan members…”

“Heh! That boy is just lucky that he won the battle. Even I could have done it. Winning a battle like that is clearly possible. That brat doesn’t even have a decent support. Worst case is that it’s better to overthrow the kingdom.”

Regale proudly said that.

“This should be the last resort. You have this habit of negligence. Please be extremely careful. Supposing that you will become the king…”

Belmet started to scold him.

While ignoring the middle aged confidant’s scolding, Regale left King Rosaith’s palace.

“I am the man chosen by the faeries! It is I who will become King!”

Regale muttered to himself.

“My Lord Father! My fiance will be Regale Debell, right? I really don’t like that guy.”

“I agree. However, in the present circumstance, there is no one else.”

Regale Debell is the lord of the most powerful clan in the country.

There is even some royal blood flowing in Regale’s veins and he has many followers and supporters.

There will be a civil war if anyone other than him becomes king.

If a civil war happens, the surrounding countries will intervene.

It is not certain that you could win and, even if you did win, you would lose a lot of territory.

“So, I have to marry him after all…”

Julia said sadly, looking downcast.

Her chest was filled with disgust and sadness since she was unable to be with the man she favored. She felt envy towards her friend who could be with him, and the hated child who would be born from their relationship.

“To tell the truth, when I was ten years old, this country was destroyed by King Ferme. I escaped into the forest and met Almis. I got married, and dreamed of regaining my country. It was a fun dream. It would have been better if Ferme was king, that is my wish now.”

“In that case… wouldn’t I be dead?”

“No,  father would be in prison. You would be healthy and not sick. I will help you.! I am not going to accept your marriage! That’s what you would shout.”

Julia felt happy, but also sad due to her delusion.

By the way, Regale would be the first to die. Killed by King Ferme.

She understands all too well that it is just a fantasy.

“The wedding…. Tetra, you were beautiful. I also, just like that… I want to have a husband like that. I am going to train Regale to be just like Almis somehow. Hey, why should I have to pretend and train him?”

Julia breathes a deep sigh.

Her pupils a little moist.

Tears will come out if you don’t move your mouth anyhow.

“Be patient. I have a plan. Why do you think I gave all of King Ferme’s former territory to Almis?”

When King Rosaith said that, Julia jumped.

She pushed down on King Rosaith.

“Dad!! Does that mean I could possibly marry Almis?”

“Hey, heavy!! It’s painful, geho, geho”

King Rosaith coughed intensely.

In a panic, Julia quickly rose from off of King Rosaith.

“This stupid girl… I just lost three months off my life.”

“I’m so sorry!”

Julia apologizes while rubbing her father’s back.

“Well, that’s the story. It is impossible at the present. The reward for killing King Ferme was offset by gaining his territory. Another big thing… he needs to achieve something else to show his ability. And he doesn’t have any allies yet.”


The Kingdom of Rosaith.

There is a reason for this ‘of’.

This ‘of’ is what separates King Rosaith and the country.

In other words, there is no ‘We are the nation’.

King Rosaith’s country consists of an alliance of powerful clans.

In other words, the kingdom was established by a few large and powerful clans under the leadership of the Rosaith family.

Therefore, the relationship between King Rosaith and the powerful clans is relatively close to equals, even though a master-servant relationship exists between them.

Especially if it is a large powerful clan with a population of more than ten thousand people.

The powerful clans have tax collection rights from the very beginning and this is not something given to them.

King Rosaith can’t subjugate a powerful clan forcibly, nor are the powerful clans obligated to obey the king.

Therefore, the support of other powerful clans is indispensable when it comes to succession rights of the throne.

Even if Almis were to inherit the throne, there would only be the Ars territory of 30,000 and the Rosaith territory of seventy thousand.

The remainder of the clans would all become enemies.

Conversely, if their support could be obtained…

“In other words, it is up to him. It’s unlikely, but there is hope. I’ll try to do something about it, so please don’t cry.”

King Rosaith consoled his daughter.

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