Chapter 33

I may improve this chapter at a later date.

TL & Editor: Keriv136

“Be happy…..”

I didn’t think he’d say such a thing.

It’s surprising.

There’s a bad aftertaste to it.

Was this something you were aiming for?

If that’s the case, this guy had a bad personality after all.


“It’s over brother.”


“What do we do now?”

“What do you want to do? I’m getting married.”

“Either way, we go wherever you go Almis.”

Said the three men grumbling.


“By the way, I’m the one who killed all the guards. I was the most active, wasn’t I?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re cunning, aren’t you!!”

The three start fighting with each other.

Really, how annoying…..

I’m the one who cut the king’s head off and broke his spear.


I Look back

We’re far from the battlefield.

I have to hurry back.

I charge again to the battlefield while holding my head high.

I see the state of my friends.

I was worried because I ended up rushing away from the battlefield.

Apparently, there seems to be no dead. We’re really lucky.

There are a lot of people with just injuries.

They may die of tetanus if they don’t treat it soon.



Volos called out to me while running.


“It is indeed Almis! With this, I can finally rid myself of my regret towards Ragou!”

Volos said while crying.

I’ll shut up and give you my handkerchief. (1)



This time it’s Yal.

“Sorry, how did the battle go?”

“Look for yourself.”

I show him Ferme’s spear.

Val opened his eyes wide and then bowed.

“Ha! You guys killed King Ferme, this is a decisive win. Let’s drink some wine next time! I’ll hold on to that spear for now.”

That said, Bartolo tore away the spear from me, pointing backward with his thumb. (2)


Tetra was here.


Tetra hugged me.


I gave Tetra a tight hug.



“Ha, don’t be nervous.”

I go around the room.

This is the third lap.


“My older brother, he is a leading figure…..”

Ron said with an amazed expression.


This is the former King Ferme’s palace.

I am preparing for my wedding ceremony now.


It will start in ten minutes.

“When this is over, will there be any rewards? King Rosaith and the other clans are coming. Be firm.”

Roswald said with a clever face. (3)

Do I really need to meet with the clans?

I must be blessed. (4)


“We’re ready. Come quickly.”

Urged on by Soyon, I went outside.


The sun is shining.

It is the perfect day for a wedding.

In front of me, all the clans including King Rosaith, are looking at me as if putting a price on me.

I bow to them and thank them for coming to my wedding ceremony.


My speech should be perfect because it’s the content Tetra and I came up with together.

When my speech ended, Tetra came out.


Tetra was wearing a wedding dress based on the color blue.

Half of her face is concealed with a thin veil.

It’s a very expensive dress purchased from the Kirishian people. 



Those words escaped my lips.

Tetra’s face turned slightly red and she smiled.


Tetra turns to King Rosaith and the clans.

She thanked them for their help in the war.


I couldn’t take my eyes off Tetra.

She is so beautiful I can watch her forever.


It doesn’t matter if it is King Rosaith or all of the clans.

You can all leave.

……. I want to say it, but I won’t.


Tetra bows.

Her speech was finally over.


Julia came up on the stage.

Magic also serves a purpose in wedding ceremonies.


That’s what Julia said.


“Congratulations to the both of you.”

Julia smiled.


“Thank you.”

Tetra returned the smile.


As for me……. I couldn’t say anything.

Julia makes an expression like she doesn’t care.


“Do you both swear to love and help each other forever and ever?”

“I swear.”

We answer together.


“The heavens, the sea, and the gods of the earth. The gods have been watching, helping and guiding us since the time when this world was a whirl of chaos. Bless these two in their marriage.”

Julia cut her words short. (5)

“The fairy’s blessings on you both. Hopefully your love will last forever.”


Julia looks at me, laughs and says.

“We have an agreement.”

I know.

I was told many times.


I raise Tetra’s veil.

There is Tetra’s face, who stares at me with feverish eyes.


I press my lips against hers.

Loud applause follows.


After the ceremony, the banquet was held.

I was given congratulatory gifts from the clans and a lot of celebratory goods.


They gave me their best regards from now on.

Even a wedding is a place for politics.


There were no manners.

Ron and Roswald got drunk and fought, Lia got into some trouble, but it’s not a big deal.


The only notable thing…….

After the banquet was over, Julia who was leaving, had tears in her eyes.

TL Notes:

  1. Not sure if he actually has a handkerchief or maybe he is just saying (or thinking) it sarcastically 俺は黙ってハンカチを渡す
  2. Some confusion with this phrase そう言ってバルトロは俺から槍をむしり取り、親指で後ろを指した
  3. Some confusion with this phrase ロズワードがあきれ顔で言う)
  4. Sarcasm
  5. そこでユリアは言葉を一度切る this might have something to do with the fact that what she was saying was too long so she just cut it short


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      1. Yeah, a bit weird that lines really comes from Ferme. Either it was a sarcasm, or that he knows that almis would need that since the kingdom is in a chaotic state now (lacks of food, lacks of manpower including soldiers, etc)


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    “The fairy’s blessings on you both. Hopefully your love with last forever.”
    Replace [with] with [will]. Also, many translators have mentioned using online Japanese dictionaries like jisho if you’re looking for any resources to help you.


    1. Yeah, I have already mentioned that the translations are MTLed and then I go through it and edit. However, this is how the author writes so I don’t see how an editor would help in this case. I am trying to keep the translation as close to what the author wrote as I possibly can. I just wasn’t 100% sure about some of the sentences so I had to try and guess. I mean most of the sentences are so simplistic, you can’t really screw them up (so far anyway)

      I mean if there is someone who wants to help me out by looking through them after I am done, I’m not against it but I work on a whim. When I feel like doing it, I will just go and do it. Is there something about the translation that is unsatisfactory? If I got a translation wrong, then that is one thing, but if the issue is the style, well that is how the Author writes hah.


      1. Dont bother there always readeres unconrform , but I think this is more with the author . I think the author want to put the titule of the song there XD. I know some one bothers the transalters because wasnt like that , others because litle release or others translate to much . I am bother with others readers because spoiler so much than talk the end of the novel . I leave that novel because of that .But form me I am on my knees give you my thanks because you stard to translate this novel , because I love it .
        Again ARIGATO !!!!!! and GAMBATTE !! (I dont know where is this novel but dont care this is my simbol only )


  2. Now that Almis is king, he should take Julia as his second wife. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up that way; in order to secure ties between King Rosaith and Almis.

    Still, that’s a bit of a kick in the emotion center.


  3. Out of curiosity why don’t you use the Translation Aggregator translation program? It gives six or so different translations of the lines inputted at once and you can even easily check the individual definitions of the words. I believe there was a guide on how to use it on Raise the Dead’s translation site and the link to the latest edition all set up with the translation packs on the Discord page.


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