Chapter 32

TL & Editor: Keriv136

“Listen, this is serious. How many sorcerers do you have? Ah, I’m talking about sorcerers who can use ‘Soul Ride’?” (Bartolo)

“Three people. According to Tetra, King Ferme had nine magicians who could use ‘Soul Ride’. Three of them were taken down in a surprise attack.” (Almis)

I answered and Bartolo gave a satisfied nod.

“Really. We’re bringing in five. Two of King Ferme’s sorcerers are with him. That leaves four remaining sorcerers….” (Bartolo)  (1)

Bartolo rests his chin on his hand.

“Okay, let’s do this. We will send three to the rebel army, the three of you and the rest will devote themselves to breaking the enemy’s barrier.” (Bartolo)

“Okay. That’s fine.” (Almis)

There are two types of barrier.

Anti-magic barriers that prevent witchcraft and physical barriers that reinforce substances.

The barrier in this case is a physical one.

Substances reinforced by magic are of moderate strength and become obstacles when destroying defensive equipment.

That being said, it’s only moderate.

If it was a stone wall, then it would be a threat, but it’s just wood.

It is evident through experimentation that the barrier can be destroyed with gunpowder.

After all, the barrier only has the effect of reinforcing defensive equipment.

We gathered together and started our advance.

After traveling for a while, the hawk returned.

It landed on the shoulder of the sorcerer riding in the wagon.

The sorcerer opened his eyes.

“I’ve delivered it.” (Sorcerer) (2)

“Okay, by the way, did the battle begin yet?” (Bartolo)

Bartolo questions the sorcerer who nods deeply.

“Yes. The rebels have already attacked the capitol and sieged the palace. King Ferme is planning on attacking them. The rebels are in a sticky situation. When we were returning, we had to engage the enemy’s sorcerers and defeat them.” (Sorcerer)

I wonder if King Ferme is attacking the city……

It’s the opposite state. (3)

“This is our chance. If we attack now, we can catch them in a pincer attack.” (Bartolo)

‘“Ah, but the magician we spared for the destruction of the barrier has become useless……..” (Sorcerer) (4)

We increased our marching speed.

“By the way, aren’t your men exhausted. What kind of training do you do?” (Bartolo)

“Nothing in particular. Isn’t it good enough that they hunt every day?” (Almis)

“I guess so. Alright, let’s try hunting in the future to train our men. By the way, can we hunt in the Romano forest?” (Bartolo)

“Yeah. The Gryphon’s territory is deep in the forest. As long as you don’t hunt in the depths of the forest, you won’t face the wrath of the Gryphon. Even if you do find yourself deep in the forest, you won’t be killed without a warning. The Gryphon is a generous one.” (Almis)

“Seriously!? That said, the King of Ferme did march his army through Romano forest. We seem to have had a terrible misunderstanding…..” (Bartolo)

Bartolo drops his shoulders.

Of course, the reason why he was so dejected was because he had missed out on hunting all the beasts in Roman forest.

But can’t having too much fun be a bad thing?

The Gryphon has a short temper.

(Almis point of view)

On top of a small mountain.

The sound of battle can be heard from below.

Overlooking the city of King Ferme.

Two flags are swaying heavily.

“I’m going to do some reconnaissance. There are no more magicians who can watch for an enemy’s attack. Our surprise attack will definitely succeed.”

“Oh, that’s dangerous.”

I saw the enemy’s lookout approaching us and pushed Bartolo’s head down.

The lookout quickly averted its gaze.

“Hey, it hurts. I hit my jaw against the ground.”

“Okay, let’s assault them quickly!”

Bartolo and I descend from the mountain.

Then we issue commands to the hidden soldiers.

“Alright, get into formation!”

The soldiers formed up into ranks under Bartolo’s command.

We also followed Bartolo’s example and formed up.

“Hey, why are you better than us?” (Bartolo)

“Since we’re all like family, we work well together.” (Almis)

It’s easy to form a formation.

The difficult part is to move while in formation without breaking ranks.

Since the soldiers drafted from farmers have never worked together, they must be trained. But we had that from the start.

“….I might lose if I attack you….” (Bartolo)

Bartolo mutters while watching us.

There are three hundred and fifty men here.

Whatever you think, I think Bartolo would win….

“We’ll charge first!” (Almis)

“Damn… I don’t want you guys to hog all the credit….you really act quickly…” (Bartolo)

Bartolo glares at me feeling frustrated.

You’ve had enough credit.

I don’t think there is a reason for you to get anymore.

It isn’t as if we want the credit anyway. It’s much more important to preserve the lives of our men.

However, it’s troublesome when Bartolo is in the lead. For a variety of reasons.

We advance to avoid disturbing the formation.

We’re getting close enough to see the enemy. We’ve probably been noticed.

We speed up our advance.

“Let’s go! All troops, charge!” (Almis)

We all charge at once.

I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, I would die. I would be crushed from the back.

They seemed to have noticed us, the army of King Ferme begins to shake in fear.

The rear of their formation turns their spears towards us.

Do you feel like taking it?

Is it King Ferme?

They formed up quickly.


“Alright, get the explosive spears ready!” (Almis)

I raised the spear I had in my hand.

My companions who were in the front row with me raised their spears one after another.

“Release!” (Almis)

The spears drew a parabola and landed on the army of King Ferme.

The ground greatly shook.

The enemy soldiers who had been waiting with their spears at the ready were wrapped in a white smoke.

It’s going to be a mess.

I mean, you’re dead because of a direct hit.

Ron, Roswald and Gram lined up beside me.

“Take the King’s head!!!”

I went into the white smoke.

As you can imagine, the enemy was in chaos.

They couldn’t even wield their spears.

They were no longer in formation, they just ran.

But it’s difficult to find King Ferme.

Suddenly, I see a man wearing luxurious clothes in my sight.

It’s not King Ferme, but I am certain it is someone important.

“You there! Commander! I’m here for your head!” (Almis)

I strike with my spear towards the luxurious bastard.

“Well, come get it!”

Shouted the luxurious clothed man as he parried my spear with his sword.


I beat down the sword with my spear. The sword made of bronze was broken in half.


The difference in our weapons and in our strength is too great.

Why don’t you hate God if you hold a grudge?

“I did it!”

I felt an intense pressure from behind.

Looking back, a soldier was swinging his sword.

How tasteless!


The soldier falls to the ground.

An arrow is stuck in his forehead.

“Are you alright, Almis?” (Gram)

Gram came forward on is horse while holding a bow.

Ron and Roswald came up behind him on theirs.

“That was a little too dangerous, don’t you think?” (Gram)

“Yeah, sorry. You saved me, thanks. By the way…” (Almis)

I stared at the Longbow in Gram’s hand.

“You… who uses a Longbow in a battle like this, and on horseback too.”

“So? What’s wrong with that?”

“No, nothing, it’s fine.”

At the same time as I withdraw, an enemy soldier slashes at Gram.


“You’re dead!”

Gram calmly grasped an arrow in his hand and stabbed it into the eye of the enemy soldier.

That must hurt.

That’s just wrong.

You should have just used your spear from the beginning.

“It’s normal for Gram to be this weird. Let’s go look for King Ferme. I will go first.”

Ron kicks the stomach of the horse while saying so and disappears into the enemy.

We chased after him.

(King Ferme’s point of view)

A little bit back in time.

“Fuck, why did the capitol fall?”

Ferme glares at the flag with the crest of the Ars family on it.

The defensive structures have burn marks all over them.

Ferme had left a hundred soldiers, they even dug trenches and there’s a wall around the capitol.

The barrier was even multiplied and should have been strengthened.

“I’m sorry, suddenly flames….” 

“I don’t care about your excuses! We’ll get it back once our pincer attack is complete!” (Ferme)

Ferme ordered all of his soldiers to attack.

The number of his soldiers had increased to six hundred because he had drafted more on the way there.

However, morale was low due to that.

“Do not go anywhere.”

“Why are you so demoralized?” 

“You know, I really want to hear why.” 

Suddenly, the appearance of a girl floats into King Ferme’s mind. 
The girl he once let go.

If only….

No way.

King Ferme shakes off the bad memory that came to mind.

It’s time.

The soldiers in the rear begin to make a buzz.

At the same time, the earth echoes in King Ferme’s ear.

“What happened?” (Ferme)

“It’s serious! Rosaith’s army is behind us!” (random officer)

“What did you say!?”

Ferme is panicked for a moment.

But he calmed himself in an instant. 

“Order the soldiers in the rear to intercept!”

Ferme orders his commander.

Ferme says to his officers and guards.

“This country is already lost, I will flee to King Dommergar. We will try to gather our strength there to retake the country!”

Ferme got on his horse and rode to leave the battlefield with his guards.

But as soon as he began to flee, a loud roaring sound occurred.

His forces quickly fell into chaos.

“Fuck, this is the fire and smoke they were talking about…. It’s troublesome!!”

Ferme desperately ran.

The front is no longer collapsing.

He couldn’t even waste a moment.

“Hurry! Until the horse collapses, oh!!”

A deputy screams as his horse falls.

When Ferme looks back, there are four horses charging towards him.

Among them is a young man whose name is Almis.

The soldiers around Ferme are shot one after the other.

Ferme stops.

“On my own…… You’ve often disturbed my dream. You guys are also companions!” (Ferme) (5)

Ferme readies his spear and charges Almis.

Almis attacks with his sword of Damascus steel.

Both spear and sword connect.

“Fuck…..” (Ferme)

Ferme is groaning and fell while staring at Almis.

Almis’s sword is stabbed deeply in his belly.

“Your mistake was not making the best use of Tetra. Well, I am grateful that I could meet her because of that.” (Almis)

“Haha, I guess so…… that was a mistake……”

Ferme looks disappointed as he laughs.

“You should be happy then. I missed out.” (Ferme)

Ferme says, while breathing his last.

TL Notes – Some phrases where there was some confusion.

  1.  そしてフェルム王の魂乗せ使いを二人、葬っている。
  2. 届けて参りました
  3. 逆の状態だな
  4. ああ。でも結界の破壊用に温存した呪術師が無駄になっちまったけど……
  5. おのれ……よくも俺の夢を邪魔してくれたな。お前たちも道連れだ!!

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