Chapter 2

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Now Ruo Chen lived in Yunwu Kingdom, one of Kunlun’s east domain’s tens of thousands of regional kingdoms.

The kingdom, was in fact, just one among many kingdoms of the Central Empire and had to give tribute as well as pay taxes to the Central Empire.

The leader of the kingdom was known as the “king”.

Presently, Zhang Ruo Chen was the ninth son of King Yun Wu.

Lying on the cold, hard wooden bed, Ruo Chen was still thinking about the following day’s sacrificial ceremony.

‘The original owner couldn’t open the Divine Seal, even though he was 16 years old. He was certainly abandoned by the gods. But what can I do to increase my chances of opening it?’

In the Kunlun world, for one to open the Divine Seal, he or she had to be recognized by the gods.

This was known as the power of Divine Right.

During the sacrificial ceremony, a bridge between heaven and earth would connect the spirit world and the Kunlun world. After enjoying the sacrifices, the gods would help a talented human open the Divine Seal and enter the world of cultivation.

The higher the talent, the greater the chances of getting the god’s attention.

In his previous life, Zhang Ruo Chen had opened his Divine Seal when he was still in his mother’s womb. This could only be attained by a natural genius.

In this world, he was someone who had been abandoned by the gods and hadn’t opened the Seal, even at 16 years of age. Consequently, even if Ruo Chen participated in the sacrificial ceremony, it was nearly impossible for him to open the Divine Seal.

Ruo Chen couldn’t sleep, so he sat up on his bed holding a jujube shaped crystal stone. With two pointy heads and a shaped body, it was crystal clear and without the slightest impurity.

He began to study this white crystal. After all, it could, perhaps, help him gain the recognition of a god and get him to open the Divine Seal.

This white crystal had been given to him by the Enlightened Emperor in his coming of age ceremony, during his previous life.

Zhang Ruo Chen didn’t know what this piece of white crystal was, he only wore it as an accessory. Furthermore, he didn’t expect that, even after 800 years, it would still be on his body.

‘Maybe the fact that I came back to life after 800 years has something to do with this crystal.’

Ruo Chen lightly rubbed the white crystal and closed his eyes. In his mind, he could see his father’s figure, and he wondered if the Enlightened Emperor was still alive.

On this night, there was a blizzard in the royal city.

The next morning, the whole city was covered with thick snow. The vermilion palaces and pavilions were all wrapped in a layer of white.

Winter solstice, the coldest day of the year.

All warriors were brought to the imperial ancestral hall, under the leadership of the king, to initiate the sacrifices to the gods.

Outside the ancestral hall, an ancient altar was standing on a pile of huge stones. On the altar there were tens of thousands of livestock, such as cattle, sheep and pigs. Furthermore, there were stronger wild beasts that were locked down by many metal chains.

Civil and military officials, princes and princesses, countless boys and girls and even some babies were waiting to open their Divine Seals.

This was a national event. Every city, town and village had to hold this sacrificial ceremony, not just the royal city.

“Ninth brother, you are 16 years old, it is impossible for you to open the Divine Seal. Did you come just to embarrass yourself?” The eighth prince rubbed his hands with a cold smile.

The sixth prince stood at the side of the eighth prince, and coldly said, “There’s a saying that states that a Dragon has nine sons, with each being different from one another. Our father is so heroic, yet he has such trash as a son. You are already 16 years old, yet you haven’t opened your Seal, you lost face for the royal family. What reason do you have to still live in this world? Why don’t you just die?”

This was a bit too much but, in their hearts, several princes thought like this.

The imperial family’s shallow family relations were vividly present at this moment.

In the Kunlun world, the chance of someone opening the Divine Seal wasn’t that high, at most only one in ten people would be able to do it. Thus, every cultivator held an extremely high position.

Of course, this was only a small matter for strong cultivators. Since their bloodlines were usually strong, future generations would also inherit this bloodline and have a higher chance at opening the Divine Seal.

King Yun Wu had had nine sons, of which eight had already opened the Divine Seal. Only Ruo Chen was left. Since he was already 16 years old, he had been reduced to the royal family’s laughing stock.

Many people laughed at him and called him the “dog son of the tiger father”.

There were even some rumors, circulating within the royal court, that stated that Ruo Chen wasn’t actually King Yun Wu’s son. Although these were just rumors, they still made the royal family lose quite some face.

Thus, most of the princes thought that Ruo Chen was the shame of the royal family. They didn’t treat him as their brother, and only wished he would die faster.

In recent years, even King Yun Wu started alienating Ruo Chen and Lin Fei. Ultimately, under the pressure from the other concubines and princes, they were forced out of the main hall and into the side hall.

Zhang Ruo Chen just stood there silently, ignoring the sixth and eighth princes.

In the absence of strength, a dispute of the tongue would only give people more reason to make light of you.

Lin Fei was standing with the other concubines. Seeing Ruo Chen being ostracized, filled her with an endless heartache, but she didn’t know what to do.

“The sacrificial ceremony starts!”

Yun Wu kingdom’s prime minister was standing above the altar, holding a scripture and reciting it.

Soon after, conch, winding horns blasted out from above the altar. One by one, graceful maidens, adorned with colorful robes, rang the chimes and bells, along with other instruments.

Then, the animals were killed, and their blood was used as an offering.


A thick and rich vapor came from the blood and transformed into a thick pillar of light, piercing through the clouds and into the vast sky.

Suddenly, a tiny starlight came flying down, falling upon a six-year-old boy’s forehead. It melded with the boy’s body, turning into a red Divine Mark.

In the crowd, someone cried, “Minister Xue’s youngest son opened the Divine Seal and he is only six years old!”

“The Scarlet Flame Divine Mark, it is a fourth grade Divine Mark. This is amazing, his future will be immeasurable!”

Divine Marks were graded from first to ninth.

First grade Divine Marks were the weakest, while ninth grade ones were the most powerful.

Everyone stared enviously at the six-year-old boy.

To open a fourth grade Divine Seal at 6 years of age, he might as well be called the pride of the heavens. His future accomplishments would definitely be great.

Among the many generals of Yun Wu Kingdom, a burly man patted his chest, laughing excitedly, “Good! Worthy of being the son of Xue Liang. Tonight, my mansion will hold a banquet, everyone must come celebrate!”


In the sky above, countless star lights continued flying down. One by one, they fell upon every boy and girl’s forehead, transforming into different Divine Marks.

Among them, the most common were first grade Divine Marks, and the young people who opened second grade Divine Seals were few and far between. The most amazing one was still Xue Liang’s son, Xue Tong, with a fourth grade Divine Mark, being the center of everyone’s attention and envy.

Those who were able to open the Divine Seal were, after all, only a minority. Statistically, only one-tenth of the population could do it. Thus, those who were able to get the recognition of the gods and open the doors of the cultivation world, were inexplicably excited.

Those people who did not get a Divine Mark were left with a sense of loss, and some were even crying. After all, some receive the holy grail, and others a fountain of salt.

The ceremony was about to end, but Zhang Ruo Chen still had not opened the Divine Seal.

Since he still did not open the Divine Seal at 16, it would be almost impossible to ever open it. In the future, he would only be able to live as an ordinary person.

Everyone ignored him, like a piece of dust in the corner.

In the beginning, Lin Fei still held a trace of hope. She wished her child could create a miracle by opening the Divine Seal. Even if he could not become strong in martial arts, a divine mark would still give him a stronger body, which would allow him to avoid being tortured by diseases.

With the ceremony near its end, Lin Fei felt disappointed, and even began falling into despair.

When even Ruo Chen started thinking he would not be able to open his Divine Seal, the white crystal he was clutching in his hands, slightly shimmered.

Right before the end of the ceremony, a starlight fell from the sky and fell on Ruo Chen’s forehead, turning into a round-shaped white Divine Mark.


A hot feeling came from the forehead, and immediately spread through his body.

‘It’s open!’ Zhang Ruo Chen was excited beyond belief, he had finally opened the Divine Seal.

As long as he opened the Seal, he did not care if it was only a first grade Divine Mark.

Originally, no one had paid any attention to Ruo Chen, but the moment he opened the Divine Seal, he attracted everyone’s attention.

“Isn’t that the ninth prince? He is 16 and his body is frail and weak, but he could actually open the Divine Seal?” Many people were staring at Ruo Chen with disbelieving eyes.

Near him, the sixth and eighth princes were standing with eyes wide open, revealing a shocked look.

How could this be?

Lin Fei looked towards Zhang Ruo Chen. Seeing the Divine Mark on his forehead, she happily cried tears of joy and immediately rushed to Ruo Chen, hugging his body tightly, “Chen’er, you finally did it! You did it!”

An old eunuch, who was standing at the side of King Yun Wu, walked up to Ruo Chen and gleefully said, “Congratulations Lady Lin Fei. Congratulations to his Royal Highness, the ninth prince, for opening the Divine Seal. The Queen let this old slave invite the ninth prince. Her Highness wants to test the Divine Mark’s grade herself!”

“The Queen!”

Lin Fei’s smile immediately froze, and she nervously put Ruo Chen behind her.

“Mother, let’s go meet the Queen.”

Zhang Ruo Chen was aware of Lin Fei’s subtle change, and he noted it in his heart. It seemed that the Queen was not a good person, so it was better to be careful.

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