Chapter 1

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ED: Novo, Manel, Keriv136

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Chapter 1 – 800 years later

“Chi Yao! I gave you everything you asked for! I cherished you as though you were my entire world! Why do you have to do this to me?! Why would you want to kill me?!”

Zhang Ruo Chen roared loudly, and threw himself forward, making a slight kacha sound as he suddenly sat up on the gold-plated bed. With ragged breaths, and clothes soaked in cold sweat, he looked around in confusion.

Figuring out it was just a dream, Ruo Chen unclenched his balled fists, and wiped off the pearls of sweat off his forehead with his sleeves.

There was no chance that it was just a dream!

Considering everything that happened between him and Princess Chi Yao, how could it just be a dream?

Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun realm. Ruo Chen’s father was known to all as the “Enlightened Emperor”, however Ruo Chen didn’t just leech off his status as emperor’s son. He proved himself to be a dragon amongst men, possessing a heaven defying body, and managing to cultivate to Greater Perfection within the Yellow Horizon Realm, at just the young age of 16.

But even though he stood at the summit of the younger generation and had a boundless future, he sadly died at the treacherous hands of his own fiancee at a young age.

Princess Chi Yao was the daughter of one of the nine emperors as well, the one known as “Azure Emperor”.

The Enlightened Emperor and Azure Emperor were the best of friends, thus it only made sense that Ruo Chen and Princess Chi Yao were pledged to each other from birth; growing up and cultivating together, Ruo Chen became valiantly handsome, Princess Chi Yao became peerlessly beautiful. Together, they could’ve become the world of cultivation’s so called “golden couple”.

However, that fantasy was soon shattered. Seemingly without reason, Princess Chi Yao ruthlessly betrayed him, and had him assassinated.

After dying at the hands of his once beloved Princess Chi Yao, Ruo Chen woke up to find that 800 years had passed since his death.

The former Princess Chi Yao, calmed the raging chaos of the nine emperors, and united them creating the first centralized nation. Chi Yao became the first sovereign of the whole Kunlun realm, in which she discarded her title of princess, and adopted the name “Empress Chi Yao”.

A time 800 years ago, once remembered as the time of the Nine Emperors of Kunlun Realm, became forgotten history, disappearing through the annals of time.

With all nine emperors dead, the Empress was enthroned.

In this era, people know only one sovereign, and that is Empress Chi Yao, who rules over the whole realm.

“Why did she have to kill me? How can her heart be so ruthless and cold? Is it that all women’s hearts are ruthless?”

Ruo Chen’s eyebrows pulled into a deep frown as he contemplated the questions that weighed heavily in his heart. Sadly, no one could answer his question.

In 800 years, even mountains could become valleys and oceans become desert. Things will still exist, but people would not, all except for Empress Chi Yao who had unrivaled cultivation. Her beauty and youth still remained without growing old or dying, while friends and acquaintances returned to the soil, becoming bones.

Even the dominating nine emperors evaporated from existence, only leaving bits and pieces of glorious stories.


A delicate and beautiful lady, dressed in palace clothing, pushed the door open and entered. Seeing Ruo Chen on the bed, she said with caring eyes, “Little Chen, were you having a nightmare again?”

This beautiful lady was Martial Cloud Kingdom’s princess, and Ruo Chen’s mother, Lin Fei.

The original owner of this body had already died 3 days ago, due to being weak and sick.

After Ruo Chen was killed by Princess Chi Yao, he woke up in this body, making the already dead young man come back to life. Furthermore, the name of this body’s original owner had also been Ruo Chen.

When Ruo Chen first woke up, he had a cold and distant behaviour towards Lin Fei. After all, to him, Lin Fei was only a stranger.

However, after 3 days of interaction, Ruo Chen slowly realized that Lin Fei cared deeply for him. As soon as she noticed that Ruo Chen was having another nightmare, she came to his room, regardless of the freezing cold.

In his previous life, Ruo Chen had never even seen his own mother. Apparently, she had died during Ruo Chen’s childbirth. Unexpectedly, after being killed by Princess Chi Yao, being reborn into this body allowed him to gain another mother and experience the warmth of a mother’s love.

‘She probably doesn’t know that her own little Chen has already died of sickness’

If Lin Fei knew the truth, she would doubtlessly be unable to handle the shock.

Ruo Chen looked at the lady in front of him with soft eyes and a gentle smile, “Mother, don’t worry about me, it was just a dream.”

Lin Fei, wrapped in a thin maroon-coloured fur, sat on the bed next to Ruo Chen. She placed her hand on Ruo Chen’s forehead and worriedly said, “It has been three nights, and you have a nightmare every night. You always end up calling ‘Chi Yao’. Who is she?”

No matter how much she thought of it, Lin Fei would never connect the name “Chi Yao” to the Empress of the Central Empire. Furthermore, after Empress Chi Yao united the Kunlun World, it became taboo to even say “Chi Yao”.

“It is no one, mother. You must have misheard it.”

Lin Fei warned, “Don’t ever say “Chi Yao”, not even in your dreams. This is the Empress’ decree. Directly saying her name is blasphemous, and you could be executed if someone heard you.”

Ruo Chen nodded, pinched his finger tightly, and said objectively, “It won’t happen again.”

‘From now on, I will be her nightmare’

Lin Fei sighed as she looked at the weak-bodied and pale-faced Zhang Ruo Chen with a sore heart.

Though he lived under the king’s roof, he had been weak and sick ever since he was little. Even now, that he is 16 years old, he can only lie in his bed. Perhaps, he would be like this for the rest of his life.

Outside, a clamor of footsteps rang out.

“What are you doing? This is the Cleansing Jade Palace. How dare you run amuck in here?” A servant girl with a pretty face tried to block the eighth prince who was forcing his way through. However, she was lightly pushed ten meters away.

The eighth prince was a practitioner. He had cultivated to the Late Yellow Horizon Realm. With one palm, he could push out three hundred pound boulders up to ten feet. A servant girl couldn’t even be compared to that, and could be easily pushed aside with a single finger.

The servant girl cried out as she broke her left arm when she fell on the floor.

The eighth prince was wearing a golden vest with a jade belt wrapped around his waist. He walked in steadily and coldly glanced at the servant girl, “Even a servant dares block my way. Do you want to die?”

Behind the eighth prince, there were 6 well-built guards wearing bronze scale armor. They were powerful battle cultivators that belonged to the palace’s personal guard.

Lin Fei heard the commotion outside. After calming down Ruo Chen’s emotions, she exited and closed the door.

Staring at the eighth prince who was outside, she lightly scolded, “Your Royal Highness, this is the Cleansing Jade Palace. Even if you are the prince, you cannot act recklessly here.”

The eighth prince looked at Lin Fei and said with a clear voice, “The Empress decreed that the chambers of the concubine Lin Fei and Ruo Chen will be changed to the Fair Purple Side Palace. From now on, the master of the Cleansing Jade Palace will be my birth mother, the concubine Xiao Fei.”

Lin Fei’s colours changed a little. She had expected that this day would come, but she had never thought it would be this fast.

Lin Fei laughed bitterly, “The Empress is in such a rush to push us, mother and son, out of the Cleansing Jade Palace. Good! Tomorrow, Chen’er and I will move to the side palace hall.”

“Sorry, mother said she wants to move into the Cleansing Jade Palace tonight. Please move to the side palace hall immediately.”

Lin Fei knew that Ruo Chen’s weak body couldn’t handle the stress of moving, so she asked with a pleading voice, “Your Royal Highness, you know your ninth young brother is weak and sickly. It’s already late at night and the weather is freezing.”

The eighth prince laughed coldly and heedlessly replied, “Concubine Lin Fei, there are many pitiful people in the world, but not everyone deserves to be pitied. Since ninth brother is weak and sickly, why should he keep on living?”

“But he is your ninth brother!”

Lin Fei wanted to add more, but was suddenly interrupted by the door opening behind her.

Ruo Chen’s weak body was barely standing, holding onto the door frame. He stared at the, not so far away, eighth prince with a determined expression, “There’s no need to beg. We will move right now.”

“Chen’er, why did you get out of bed? The weather is freezing outside, hurry up and go back.” Lin Fei quickly went to hold Ruo Chen, afraid he’d catch a cold.

Ruo Chen stubbornly shook his head, “Mother, we don’t need to beg anyone. We will eventually move back to this place.”

Lin Fei saw Ruo Chen’s determined gaze and, as if infected by his emotions, she nodded with her eyes slightly wet.

Lin Fei, helping Zhang Ruo Chen, left the Cleansing Jade Palace step by step. Furthermore, no servants followed them, except for the girl who had her arm broken by the eighth prince.

Anyone could see, Lin Fei and the ninth prince had no place under this roof anymore.

Originally, they were servants of the Cleansing Jade Palace, so they reasonably chose to remain there to curry favor with the eighth prince, the new master.

The Fair Purple Side Palace was where the concubines, who had lost favor, lived. It was a very desolate place, as if there wasn’t anyone living in there for a long time.

The night was dark and the wind was cold.

Sitting on a cold stone bench, Zhang Ruo Chen could still feel the low temperature through his jacket.

‘This body is too weak. I have to cultivate to strengthen it. Otherwise, even if I’m the son of the king, I would just be manipulated by others.’ Ruo Chen thought to himself.

800 years had already passed, but Ruo Chen didn’t know where he should go. It didn’t matter if it was to get revenge on Empress Chi Yao or for the mother who cared for him with no regard for herself. Since the heavens had arranged for him to be reborn into this body, he needed to become stronger.

Today’s humiliation and cold treatment were possible because he was too weak and could not resist. Unable to control one’s own fate, even the place someone was living in could be taken by someone else.
To gain others’ respect, and to have a warm and comfortable living environment, one must become a cultivator and prove one’s abilities.

In the Kunlun World, to become a cultivator, one had to open a Divine Seal.

The so called Divine Seal, was the qualification gods gave mankind in order to be able to cultivate. Without opening the Divine Seal, one could  never cultivate and become stronger under both heaven and earth.

Although Ruo Chen was already 16, he still hadn’t opened his Divine Seal.

After 16, he would miss the best age for cultivation. Even if he opened the “Divine Seal”, he wouldn’t have big achievements.

Even though they were both Martial Cloud King’s sons, how could the eighth prince be above others? How could he even push Ruo Chen and Lin Fei out of the Cleansing Jade Palace?

That was simple, it was because the eighth prince had opened the Divine Seal at age 10. Moreover, he was currently the youngest Late Yellow Horizon practitioner.

‘Only by opening the Divine Seal, can I cultivate the “Nine Heaven Enlightened Emperors Scriptures”. Through the profoundness of the Scriptures, even if I miss the prime cultivation age, I can still catch up to other geniuses, and become a strong practitioner.’

The Nine Heaven Enlightened Emperor Scriptures was the highest treasured cultivation method. Other than the Enlightened Emperor, only Zhang Ruo Chen knew the complete cultivation method.

Tomorrow would be the Sacrificial Ceremony, and hopefully, he would get the gods’ approval to open his Divine Seal. Ruo Chen clenched his fists, hoping he could open it.

After Lin Fei tidied the room, she came to hold Ruo Chen, “Chen’er, you should rest early. You have to participate in the Sacrificial Ceremony tomorrow.”

“No need to worry mother. I will definitely open the Divine Seal tomorrow.”

“Mother believes you!” Lin Fei looked deeply at Ruo Chen, while sighing inwardly.

In reality, she did not expect Zhang Ruo Chen to open the “Divine Seal”, especially since he was already 16. After 16 there was almost no chance of opening the Divine Seal, but as a mother she had to encourage him and give him confidence.

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  1. I’m having a love/hate feeling about this novel, the internal family strife right off the bat is annoying, but its understandable since they’re in the royal palace.
    I have a feeling the empress killed ruo chen for a reason, maybe a prophecy or something, he should find out the actual reason for his death before thinking about revenge, cultivators, sheesh.
    I know that the standard cn word ‘trash’ will be present a lot in this novel, but I hope the antagonists aren’t inflexible characters with a one-track mind
    I want this guy to be fast and cultivate, fingers crossed there’s no harem and no pets.
    As for translation quality, its awesome, keep up the good work

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  2. The one translating this has read past 100 chapters and has said that it is somewhat slow going but interesting. No mention of harem but I will make sure to ask more about it when I can. Also, I don’t really think there was any valid reason for the MC to be killed by his fiancee, lol. Why wouldn’t he seek revenge? Also, just from the little in this chapter, it seems the Empress is not a nice person. Most likely, she killed him because of his ability and just wanted to take over.

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  3. Starting with a family feud and it will at some point turn into revenge. I just hope he can get a lot of allies down his path of slaughter or this could get boring quickly

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