Prologue – Public Execution Day

TL: keriv136

ED: keriv136

This proved to be very difficult to translate for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I had difficulty copying the RAW because the site where it is hosted uses flash and you can’t copy and paste. I had to find a work around (one note copy text from picture) but it doesn’t work properly. Some characters are copied incorrectly which meant I had to spend an inordinate amount of time hunting down mistakes. Secondly, the author’s writing is very simplistic and there are so few details it is difficult to understand what is going on sometimes and the phrases he use are sometimes confusing. Anyway, I decided that if I continue this story, I will try my best to focus on translating in a way that makes the novel sound more natural for an English reader. This means that I am not so concerned with ‘perfect accuracy’ and rather will freely substitute Korean phrases with appropriate English ones, even if it isn’t a direct translation of the original text. I may also add some details which may be implied but not directly stated.

By the way, the translation below is how the author writes, this is not an MTL. Maybe it will change past the prologue.

Sorry for the long Note.

Today, the capital’s plaza is crowded with countless people.

“Long live his Imperial Highness the second Emperor!!!!”

“Hurry and kill that damn tyrant with your blade!!!”

“Kill! Kill!”

Wild cries broke out among the citizens.

In the middle of the square, the crowd separated and a group of people headed towards the center of the square.

Being led by the group of people was a young man with his hands tied.

Maybe he appeared to be in his thirties? He was handsome with a noble impression, but his face was filled with fatigue and exhaustion.

When the citizens saw his face, their expressions became even more ugly.

Hey, look at that outfit, isn’t that enough evidence to prove that he sucked the life out of us? They thought.

“Even under these circumstances, are you still mocking us?”

“Kaaaaaak twet” (spit)

Contrary to the circumstance of being tied up and dragged out to be executed, the man’s attire was glamorous.

His magnificent garments were woven with golden thread and covered in gold and jewels.

The man whose life was about to end could only laugh to himself with scorn.

Is this supposed to be a cheap play? If so, I’m really going to have something to complain about.

No matter how extravagant these garments were, he had only ever worn such luxurious clothing a few times.

The Emperor had always been frugal, and after he ascended to the throne, he spent a decade embroiled in civil war.

He could not afford to wear luxurious clothes as he spent most of his reign on the battlefield.

If I could have afforded to dress like this, I would have said “Oh, I’ll be damned, don’t mind if I do!” He thought sarcastically to himself while moving to the center of the square.

At the center of the square, a large device for executions had already been prepared.

This device consisted of a tall upright frame where a weighted and angled blade was suspended at the top.

Under Imperial law, those who committed severe crimes would be decapitated by a guillotine.

The dethroned emperor stopped walking and stood before his brother.

He glanced slowly once more at the enraged citizens below.

“Cut his head off right now!”

A rough middle-aged man cried out.

“Because of you, both my son and grandson were forced to fight in the war and die!”

A gray-haired old woman screamed with evil intent.

What was communicated by the crowd was nothing but their hatred, which they poured out on him.

The man, however, felt pity for them.

What are they guilty of?

Everything is the Emperor’s fault.

He couldn’t defend anything.

Soldiers who followed him to the last.

His loyal subjects that remained loyal to him.

And even his lover who was his precious companion.

“All citizens must now be quiet!!”

“From here on, we begin the trial of the Emperor!”

All men quieted as the trial announcement was declared.


All eyes turned to the high stage where the trial was taking place.

Their gazes fell on a handsome blond man at the center of the stage.

He was in his mid-thirties, but he looked to be in his twenties and had a pleasant appearance. However, his entire body exuded a certain dignity that belied his age.

The crowd enthusiastically cheered when he appeared on the trial stage.

“It’s the Golden Lion of the Empire!”

“Hail the second Emperor, no hail the Emperor!!!”
[Imperial Second Emperor Leonhart]

He was the Emperor’s half brother and he was the one that removed him from power.

As the former Emperor looked at Leonhart, his expression darkened.


However, Leonhart’s expression remained cold.

The winner was already decided, and the man who was once an emperor seemed to already no longer exist. Do I even have any worth anymore? He thought.

The man listened with a blank expression as his crimes were read to the crowd.

The nobility involved in the trial looked on with triumphant expressions.

“We will now present the charges against the former Emperor.”

“His reign led to the ruination of the economy, which plunged the country into chaos, as a result of the extravagance and debauchery perpetuated by the National Government.”

“It is a serious crime which has weakened the internal affairs of the Empire, attracted the attention of foreign powers, and caused a civil war!”

“Wuuu!!!” (Sound of crowd)

“Kill! Kill!”

The judge banged his gavel on the table to maintain order, but with each charge, the crowd grew louder.

“All charges against the Emperor were reported in detail.”

“Is there anything that you would like to say in your defense?”

At the judge’s question, the man once again looked up.

Are you saying if I defend myself here, you will spare me?

It would be no exaggeration to say that no matter what, his life was forfeit, and so he would not play their childish game. He had already given up any hope that he would live. He only wished now to rest in peace.

Sigh, I wanted to die as an Emperor should, must I really die like this?

The judge concluded the sentence, but in his mind he thought it was a shame.

“The prisoner pleads guilty to all charges.”

“Put the former Emperor into the guillotine!”

The brutal hands of the executioners held the man on both sides.

His neck was stretched to rest snugly on the guillotine by the executioners.

Feeling the coldness of the execution device on his neck, he reflected on his life.

Where did it all get so screwed up?

When he was young, he was a foolish child. Perhaps it started there.

“Deuleuleuk, deuleuleuleuk” (Sound FX)

The heavy blade was slowly pulled up.

Soon the proclamation was issued.

“Off with his head!”

“Suiiiiiik!” (Sound FX)

The blade fell on his neck with lightning speed, in contrast to when it was pulled up.

“Chulpuk!” (Sound FX)

The guillotine beheaded him so easily.

His head which had been attached to his torso was cut cleanly off.

Is it possible to see your own death?

He wasn’t religious enough to believe in an afterlife, but in this situation he hoped he was wrong.

The last thought that crossed the man’s mind was that of a courageous woman holding a blade.


Along with his severed neck, the man’s thoughts were cut off.

[The unique bloodline of the royal family is recognized.]

[You are qualified as a player. Currently acquiring authority…]

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  1. No schedule yet, I want to give it a chapter or two more to see how much time it will take to translate a chapter and how many headaches it gives me hah. Also our team is just getting started so, give it some time and then we will hammer out a schedule for all our releases.

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    1. I think it is excellent that you try to turn the novel more understandable for us and that is what it means to translate, if you just MTL a lot of things will be lost


  2. Haha… It feels like everytime a character has leo in their name or is associated with a lion-like image in general they are always the bad guy xd

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  3. this seems kinda similar to i am the monarch/8th mage/dragon order of flame (i like this type of setting anyways~)

    ill probably stick to reading this but need to see more first. curious what his status thingy is about


  4. A mass release of a few chapters would get more readers from NU to give this a shot. Just enough chapters to give us a taste of the vibe of the novel. Just the prologue feels not enough.


  5. Your translations are much,much better than mtl. If such high quality mtl existed, everyone would go off to read mtl.
    Let me give you an example of mtl of Library of Heaven’s Path:
    An angry tenderness drinks, resounds the sole to step on the sound that the blue stone ground is running away.

    Zhang Xuan helpless outstretch both hands: „I really am not a swindler, is the academy teacher…… To make you be my student! Moreover, even if said that I am a swindler, why can also add ‚in a big way’ character? Does me unpardonably wicked with same……”

    Whispered, remembered the director to say the words, Zhang Xuan rubbed the forehead: „17 th! Today if links a student not to incur, tomorrow I can take off to go home!”

    And here’s the translated part for comparison:
    An enraged roar can be heard and the sound of footsteps on a bluestone pavement by someone escaping could be heard.

    Zhang Xuan stretches out his both hands helpless, “I am not a swindler, I am a teacher of the academy… I only want to make you my student! Besides that, do you have to add a ‘great’ while saying that I am a swindler? You make it sound as though I am some unpardonable criminal…”

    After he finishes his muttering, he recalls the words of the director, “This is the 17th one already! If I still fail to find a student today, I would have to pack up and leave tomorrow!”


  6. what’s the reason for stopping the novel? Kobato-chan’s review? Don’t let it discourage over you. It’s a useless review that targetted the genre as a whole for being overused. I’m not even sure why he’s so adamant about his review when his site has green skin, i am the monarch and other novels with similar storyline.

    He sure has an ego IMO.


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