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Here is Character Info for every named character in the fiction – Work-in-progress

Characters in Volume 1

Peter Wright – A.K.A. – Fayde of the Void

Peter Wright was an ordinary guy, living a mediocre life. In High School he met the girl who would become his future wife and the mother of his child, Jessica Wright. Jessica became pregnant with Peter’s child in her senior year of High School and Peter soon married her after graduating. His only education is a High School GED and he never obtained an advanced degree. He has had a difficult life because of a messy divorce and a huge amount of debt. His relationship with his former wife became strained and he is only able to see his daughter on rare occasions. He often escapes into a world of fantasy while reading Japanese light novels and watching Anime.

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Reia Nine-tails

Reai bears the name Nine-tails because she is the daughter of Kerr Nine-tails, former Khan of the Fox-kin. The Nine-tails have led the Fox-kin as Khans for untold generations. The Fox-kin have a class based society as do most Demi-human tribes and the Nine-tails are at the top of Fox-kin society. Each class is divided by the number of ‘tails’ they bear in their name. The lowest are the One-tails and the highest being the Nine-tails which basically makes Reia something similar to royalty. Reia is the greatest warrior of the Fox-kin and is proficient in both magic and martial combat. She is a silver medallion adventurer when she encounters Fayde. Reia is the first inhabitant of Aergan to come into contact with Fayde.

Ardan’allein Sadren Hesaphiri Do Ra Yssafurin – A.K.A. – Allein

Allein is the 28th offspring of the Great Khan Black Dragon King who once united all the Demi-humans and fought against the old Empire over hundreds of years of constant warfare. Dragon-kin are fond of overly long names and titles and are also both possessive and proud.  Allein has never spoken to a Human before and grew up listening to her father’s tales of the terrible treatment of Demihumans by Humans. She is wise beyond her years and can be somewhat arrogant, but she is really just lonely and somewhat emotional due to certain circumstances.


Nesephostus Ranari Hesaphiri Do Ra Yssafurin – A.K.A. – Nes

Nes is the 27th offspring of the Great Khan Black Dragon King and the older brother of Allein. Nes despises Humans even more than Allein does. He is somewhat overprotective of his sister. Nes is a young Dragon-kin with a strong sense of justice, except when dealing with Humans who he considers to be worse than bugs. He tries to hide this from Fayde as instructed by his sister. He is very brave and a master with the spear. He is extremely loyal to those he cares about and will never abandon a friend, he just doesn’t have any.

Trissenia Do Al’Duran – A.K.A. – Tris

Tris first meets the MC while undergoing basic training at the Enrain Adventurer’s Guild. She quickly makes friends with Peter and they both have a sarcastic sense of humor. Not much is known about Tris but Peter comes to trust her as an important member of his adventuring party. She is a competent Ranger, skilled with a bow, and she is also an able scout.

Orban Drasdor

Orban is the head of the Enrain Adventurer’s Guild, his official title is Assistant Guild Master. There is only one ‘Guild Master’ in each country and they are always located within the Capital city of whichever country they belong to. Other city’s Adventurer’s Guilds have Assistant Guild Masters which run them. Orban acts as sort of a fatherly figure towards Reia and takes a liking to Peter early on.



Not much is known about Dreg. Dreg meets Peter while undergoing basic training at the Enrain Adventurer’s Guild. He appears to be a Rogue of some kind.

Orthus Raspen

Orthus is a young adventurer who meets Peter while undergoing basic training at the Enrain Adventurer’s Guild. He is a swordsmen and is a typical newbie adventurer with delusions of grandeur.  He is somewhat high strung and often makes mountains out of mole hills. He can also be arrogant despite not having any achievements to his name. His rival is Arin but they are also friends. They form a party together.

Arin Derrenger

Arin is a young adventurer who meets Peter while undergoing basic training at the Enrain Adventurer’s Guild. He is a warrior proficient with a spear and defeated Orthus at basic training in their duel. Orthus has not forgiven him for this since and constantly claims he will defeat him in a duel some day. The two are rivals but also friends. They share somewhat similar personality traits but Arin is the more reasonable of the two. They form a party together.

Aessa Rayne

Aessa is a shy girl who says little and doesn’t often express her emotions. She is a competent mage and has great potential. She has difficulty making friends her age and was goaded into joining Orthus and Arin’s party. She is often frustrated by the two’s bickering but says nothing about it. Despite this, she does feel some sort of friendship towards the two and is happy to be in their party. Both of them do their best to protect her.

Idren Tregg

Idren is a young adventurer and can cast spells similar to a Druid. His talent lies in rooting and obstruction type spells but he does possess damage spells as well. He can be somewhat hotheaded and arrogant and enjoys teasing Orthus and Arin. He can also be level headed at times and often yells at his comrades when they are bickering. He is happy to have two warriors in his party so that he doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt.

Chieftain Kerr Nine-tails

Kerr is Reia’s father and former Khan of the Fox-kin tribe. He was defeated by his brother in a duel and was forced into exile. He is a chieftain of the Fox-kin tribe and has led his small tribe through many dangers and eventually settled within a forest in the Kingdom of La’gun. He is a kindhearted man with a boundless sense of humor. He loves to tease Peter about his daughter.

Locations in Volume 1

Serandal forest

This forest is home to the Fox-kin village where Reia and her father as well as the other members of their tribe live. It is a vast forest that stretches from the Northern border of the Kingdom of La’gun to beyond the city of Rii’kin in the south. It is also a barrier which protects the Kingdom of La’gun from monsters on the Plains of Sorrow to the west.

Town of Enrain

The Town of Enrain is one of the largest settlements in the Kingdom of La’gun and is only a few hours walk from the Serandal forest. Citizens who live in this town work as craftsmen, laborers, merchants, farmers and a variety of other professions. The town is protected by a wooden wall and stockades which are reinforced with stone. The lord of Enrain has a mansion located within the town and the town houses its own Adventurer’s Guild. This is the first and only human town that Peter has seen since coming to the world of Aergan during volume 1. When Peter first laid eyes on the town he immediately thought of it as a pre-medieval era town.

Iendal hills

The Iendal hills is the name given to the hilly region east of the City of Enrain. The hills cover a large area and are home to many goblins who are said to live within caves that stretch deep underground. Peter completes his training here along with the other trainee adventurer’s.

Below is a map of the Kingdom of La’gun or click this link for a larger view Map

Kingdom of La'Gun

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