Chapter 1

Peter was lost in a swirling black mist. His senses swayed, his mind hazy and unsure. He knew he was alive, but as for everything else, there was nothing. 

“What’s going on? I was just about to leave work and then… something happened. There was a voice, wasn’t there? I can’t remember. Dammit, what the hell is happening to me?”

He cried out, but there were no words. They were only in his mind, it was the only way he knew he was still alive, but it was a strange existence. Images flickered through his mind, strange scenes he could only imagine from fantasy, but they seemed real.

“I read too many damn books. Am I unconscious? Something must have happened to me in that elevator. Am I going to die?”

There was no answer, for he was truly and utterly alone. Some feeling returned, but it was the feeling of weightlessness and the emptiness of an infinite void. It was a difficult feeling to explain, but it shrouded him in its embrace and carried his consciousness along a silent storm. Or at least, that was what his imagination had come up with.

This feeling lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

Treetops rustled as two shadowy figures crouched among the branches overlooking a meadow. They were hidden from sight and fully clothed in black tight fitting attire which gave off the impression of moving shadows. Without light, they could not be seen in the slightest and their movements were lithe and agile. 

The only difference being in the appearance of their bodies beneath the tight fitted clothing. One had a more shapely and curvy form, with bulges that were tightly pressed at the chest and the other was flat and smooth with a slightly muscular appearance.

If it were possible to see them in the dark of their surrounding it would be clear that one was a male and the other, a female.

“Look, there brother. It is as we were told.”

The two had been waiting in the region for some time. They only knew that what they sought would appear here, but it wasn’t clear exactly where what they searched for would finally show itself. They had some clues, but knowing the exact position was impossible. 

If not for the immense flash of light that illuminated the dense and dark forest, they would never have found what they sought

“Good, let us finish this quickly. It’s bad enough we have to come all this way for a human. Let’s just grab him and leave.” The other shadowy figure said impatiently. 

“Have patience brother… It seems we are not alone here.”

“Then let’s just kill whatever it is and be done with it.”

“There is no need for that, let us watch for now.”

“Hmph, if you say so.”


A long breath was finally released, a sigh of satisfaction. It was as if life had finally returned to one who had long been dead.

“This… I can’t see…”

Pete opened his eyes, but all he could see was darkness. He breathed heavily and frantically grasped at his body. He was afraid that he wouldn’t feel anything like before, but was relieved once he could feel his own body. In that strange inky blackness, he had feared that he had really died. Now that he could feel his body, he knew he was still alive.

“What happened… why can’t I see?”

Peter opened and closed his eyes several times, the inky blackness shimmered as he did so. It became hazy, and spots of white began to appear. He shook his head and wiped his eyes vigorously as if it would somehow allow him to see, but it didn’t seem to help at all. 

“How long has it been? I don’t remember much, but I can recall a strange feeling of weightlessness and loss. Was I abducted?”

Peter felt around with his hands. He wasn’t sure of what he would find, but without his sight he could only do this much.

“Dirt!? I feel dirt and vegetation. Am I outside? Just what the hell is going on?” Peter shook his head and could feel the pain that came with a splitting headache.

“At least I’m alive, but then maybe it’s better if I wasn’t.” 

He reached towards his face and rubbed his eyes once more. He closed his eyes again and moved them around under his eyelids before opening them. His vision became blurry, which was a marked improvement from earlier. This meant that there was a change, perhaps soon he would be able to see again. After several more moments, he finally could hear sounds. He wasn’t sure if was just silent where he was or that he couldn’t hear at all. The sound of insects and animals entered his ears, it was a welcoming sound. The emptiness he felt was now filled with the sounds of life. He couldn’t help but feel relieved. 

“How strange. I remember entering an elevator, and now I am sitting in the dirt. Although I can’t fully see yet, this does not sound like the city at all. Did someone bring me here?”

Peter suddenly had a thought, ‘Maybe I was robbed and left for dead!’

He felt around in his pockets and checked around in his immediate area and found nothing.

“Hmm, no wallet, no phone, nothing. Everything I had on me is gone? Dammit, did someone smack me in the back of the head? But how can that be? I was alone in the elevator. Did I suffer memory loss?”

Peter took a deep breath and was surprised by how clean the air was. It was refreshing, now if only he could see. After several more moments of blurred vision, his sight finally returned and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Although it was very dark, and he could barely see much at all, he knew he was no longer in the city where he worked.

“Is this a forest? How far away from the city was I brought? How the hell am I going to get home from here. Well, first things first. Need to get out of this place and find out where I am. Need to get to a phone as soon as possible. I was supposed to work today so someone should be trying to contact me by now. Could be days before someone figures out I am missing though, assuming I can even find my way out of this place.”

Peter struggled to his feet and checked his body. His office clothes, consisting of a light blue colored dress shirt, black dress shoes, and khakis had become quite dirty after seemingly rolling around in the dirt. Pete dusted himself off as best he could given the circumstances. He put his hand to his head again after another bout of pain. His body felt strangely hot and uncomfortable, but he couldn’t really explain the feeling. It was as if something inside of him were churning and twisting and generating heat.

“What’s wrong with my body? Am I coming down with a fever? Well, I seem to be in one piece at least. No cuts, bruises, or any injuries that I can tell. Maybe I was drugged, dammit! What did they do to me?”

Peter’s mind was somewhat muddled and he couldn’t remember anything past getting in the elevator after a long day of work. 

“Well, let’s worry about that later. For now, let me see if I can find any clues around here. I doubt they took me across states, but there are a lot of forests outside the city area if you drive a couple hours. This could be any one of them, but if I can find a trail or a road somewhere then things will be much easier.”

Surveying the area was no help in figuring out where he was. It was a pretty thick forest. Thankfully, some light was able to breach through the crown of the trees, but it was only just enough for him to be able to see slightly ahead. The forest seemed quite vast from where he was and there was no end in sight. Peter wasn’t much of a nature lover and so he couldn’t even remember the last time he had been surrounded by it. Living in the big city and rarely ever going out into the rural countryside didn’t help in this situation.

‘But who ever expects to find themselves in such a situation?’ He could only shake his head with some regrets, ‘Hindsight really is 20/20 as the saying goes.’

After he was done picking himself up, dusting himself off, and getting his thoughts together, Peter decided to pick a direction and head that way. 

“If it were night and I could see the sky clearly, maybe I could get a sense of direction, but as it is right now I have no clue. Instead of twiddling my thumbs here, might as well as take my chances. If only I had my phone with me, or even my watch.” 

Peter mumbled to himself while heading in a random direction which he thought might be south. He had no way to know and was just guessing. His body still felt weird and there would be the occasional bout of pain and his body was sore in many places, but he pushed himself on. 

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