New Chapter of Unrivaled and Fayde of the Void Volume 3 and translation news.


Just updated the site with the latest chapter of Unrivaled Divinity, check it out.


Fayde of the Void Volume 3 has already begun and it is the beginning of the Second Arc. There are already several chapters on RRL. I will updating this site with the existing chapters of Fayde of the Void Volume 3 soon. Next week I am going to attempt to do a marathon for Fayde of the Void Volume 3 and release 1 chapter a day from Monday to Friday (all brand new chapters) and I will upload the current existing chapters as well!

Look forward to it, thanks for reading.

Regarding Translations, while I am still planning on releasing chapters for Otherworld Nation Chronicles and Emperor! He can see stats!? They are currently NOT a priority. If I have an opportunity and the will to translate than I will.

If anyone wishes to translate chapters of either of these, feel free to do so. Just let me know so we can coordinate in case I translate another chapter of either of them!


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