Work in Progress for the week

Just to give a status update since we don’t have a fixed regular schedule.

Currently I am working on Chapter 37 of Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles. I am 20% done. I would like to finish both Chapter 37 and 38 for this week.

If possible, I may fit in chapter 2 of Emperor! He can see stats!? on the weekend, but don’t expect it. If not, then definitely another chapter next week. It takes me longer to complete translating a chapter of this novel.

Translating has been completed on Eternal God Emperor chapter 1, just waiting for editing. Chapter 2 of the same Novel is close to completely being translated.

Porter of Two worlds chapter 3 has just begun being translated.

I spoke with Yoshi who was translating Nidome no Yuusha, and he has given me permission to continue where he left off. A new translator will be working on Chapter 30 of Nidome No Yuusha this weekend.


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