We are working on the following Novels

Our team has grown to 6 members of which 4 are translators and 2 are editors.

We have two Chinese translators who are working on the following Novels:

Eternal God Emperor

Porter of Two Worlds

We haven’t worked out a schedule as of yet, but at a minimum we should be able to post 1 chapter a week, although I would like to do two chapters a week for these if possible.


I am working on Japanese and Korean translations so the Novels I am working on are:

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles (Japanese)

Emperor! Can you see stats? (Korean)

I also edit my own work. I hope to release at least one chapter of both of these a week.


The other translator who will be working on Japanese translations is relatively new to this so he will need some time to develop his skills. Which novel he will work on has not been decided yet.

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