Recruitment for Translation group

I am sending out a recruitment post to look for people interested in joining my team.

I have decided to put together a translation team. I have one person who I have recruited already who is an editor with experience editing Japanese light novel translations.

I am looking for all kinds of people who have skills or talents related to translating novels. These could be Light novels of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean origin.

Starting small for now, but looking to build a big team/group and perhaps at some point in the far future go professional with this. As in, seek out license agreements and produce published works similar to Wuxia world or other sites.

I am not looking to compete with sites like wuxiaworld or anything like that of course. There is a huge market out there regarding these types of novels and there is plenty of room for others to get involved. Again, this would be a long term goal.

In the short term, looking for people interested in building up the group and increasing our library of novels in any of the languages mentioned. Please contact me if you are interested. Use the contact page on the site.


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